Welcome to rmuso.org. This site is your chance to learn more about our Yoga clinic and muscle centre located in Clevedon. How we should be looking after our muscles and what we can do here to help.

We are a clinic that specialises in doing one very specific thing: helping you feel healthier. How do we do that? By teaching people how to stretch and use yoga as a fitness technique. We do this in a number of ways and how you use our services depends entirely on exactly what you’re looking to achieve.
Some of the different programmes we offer include:
• Traditional Yoga
• Resistance Based Yoga
• Muscle Stretching
• Flexibility Classes
• Rehabilitation Classes
• Pilates
• Intense Cardio
• Metafit Classes
As you can see, this sample of our range is widely varied and the activity you’ll be looking for depend entirely on your needs.
If you have no clue about any of these classes and are wondering what we have that will help you, please go get in touch.